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Connect with practitioners engaged in using ICTs to improve the quality of student engagements and learning throughout the Commonwealth and beyond.


Collaborate and innovate new ideas and applications of ICTs in teaching and learning. Collaborate within your institution or outside. Discuss, debate and develop a learning network.


Create and curate knowledge resources to be used by all. Share your creative ideas and artefacts that has positive impact on the lives of our students.


Celebrate the joy of learning together. Share our successes and achievements—small or big—in the community, inspire each other and learn from best practices in the TEL implementing institutions.

Profile of the Month

Professor Mostafa Azad Kamal

Professor Mostafa Azad Kamal is presently working at Bangladesh Open University as the Dean of the School of Business. He is a Professor in International and Development Economics. He completed his graduate studies from the University of Namur, Belgium. He has been engaged in open and distance learning for more than 22 years. Professor Mostafa’s research interests are eLearning, OER, ODL, and quality assurance in higher education. He teaches economics, statistics, research methods, and quantitative techniques courses in MBA and Commonwealth MBA programmes offered by the School of Business, Bangladesh Open University. In addition, he is also a Creative Commons Fellow for Open Leadership. He is an instructional designer in eLearning and ODL. He received intensive training on the instructional design in ODL from the University of Waterloo and also on instructional design in eLearning from Open Polytechnic, New Zealand…. read more



Latest News

31Mar 20
COL Launches OER4COVID Support Initiative

COL launches OER4COVID support initiative

Responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, COL and the OER Foundation (OERF), New Zealand have joined forces to establish an Open Educational Resources for COVID (OER4COVID) community. The goal is to assist education institutions…

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Upcoming Events

Lessons from Implementing Technology-Enabled Learning: Response to COVID-19 and beyond

You can register for this webinar by filling in this form. Also, please note that the time is 9:00pm to 10:00pm in Vancouver time. You can check the corresponding date and time for your country here.

Lessons we are learning through pivoting quickly to fully online learning; But did we really have to learn them the hard way?

For those institutions who have been specialising in distance education for some time, although they may have had to make some changes, the last few months have not been overly problematic. But for the remaining majority of institutions, there has…

Microlearning in the Digital Age: The Design and Delivery of Learning in Snippets

Microlearning can be viewed as a single objective-focused, outcome-based, stand-alone, meaningful, and interactive learning unit delivered in bite-sized snippets (i.e., a short modular format) either digitally (i.e., via computer, tablet, or mobile phone) or non-digitally (i.e., as via a flashcard…

Lastest Blog Posts

Understanding Open Education

In an article published in Distance Education in 2017, I argued against conflating open educational resources (OER) with open education. In fact, since then there has been a growing tendency to use the term “open education” while discussing OER. This practice undermines…

Importance of TikTok Type Videos for Learning

Have you heard of TikTok? If not, let me introduce you to this new kid on the social media block that uses 15-second videos. It is currently one of the fastest growing apps with over 1 billion users, and 800…

Learner Support Approaches at the eCampus of Maseno University

by Barbara Khavugwi MakhayaeLearning Systems Support SpecialisteCampus of Maseno University, Kenya Maseno University is a public university in Kenya. The University established its eLearning department in 2010. The use of eLearning for high enrollment common courses is an emerging trend…

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